Defining Your Organization’s Values-A Step towards Intentional Workplace Culture — 2 Comments

  1. Hey – First time I have seen values and behaviour listed together to define how we do things. I have seen organisations talk about values defining how we do things and I have seen people talk about behaviours defining how we do things but now that I have read your page it makes complete sence to combine the two. Great work!

  2. Peopleink, I think your on to something here. Companies I’ve worked for apparently have never heard this before because their ra ra mission statements are meaningless. They think all they have to do is tell people this is what the company is about, and sort of imply this is how we want you to act but they never go much further. Most workers want to do a good job but they just need to be clear about what’s acceptable (or valued) and what’s not and there’s no better way than to spell it out. Plus, I suppose when everyone is on the same page you won’t hear so much griping. sorry for ranting, but you know, some companies just don’t get it. They could be doing so much more in uniting their people.

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