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  2. Nice post on the importance of culture – both defining it and living by it. What separates many good companies from being great is the people as well as the leadership – and the culture is the very tangible glue that holds it together. Hiring for skills are necessary; hiring for cultural fit is equally if not more important.

  3. Implementing culture, or defining the culture of a business, is a lot of work, but in the end it is definitely worth it.

    At Zappos, our culture affects everything we do, and is really at the heart of every decision, big or small.

    We’ve developed as a way to share the culture, and help other businesses in taking a look at this modern culture. We go deeper into how to implement a culture for your business in the subscription area of Zappos Insights.

    We also have which gives a look into the daily goings-on here at Zappos!

    thanks for a great article! If you ever want to tour the offices, just let us know!

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