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our_clients Ann Rhoades and the People Ink Team Free White Paper on Creating Business Cultures Ann Rhoades National Keynote Speaker Peopleink and Ann Rhoades In the News and Media Built On Values Book-Organizational Culture Management Ideas You Can Use Human Resources Consulting Services for Building Great Corporate Cultures Organizational Culture Leadership-Workplace Culture Experts

You can download this presentation’s slide notes in PDF format here.

Slide notes contain additional information about the culture building process as well as questions to engage your team.

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Introduction to the Organizational Culture Building Process.

This is an executive overview of the Built on Values™, workplace culture model, created by Ann Rhoades and the People Ink Team.

Please download the presentation notes as well.

More information can be found in the book by Ann Rhoades,

Built on Values... Creating an enviable culture that outperforms the competition. (Published by Wiley)

More about the book.

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