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Ann Rhoades Overview of Values-Based Leadership.


Ann Rhoades provides overview of Values-Based Organizational Leadership. Video.

What drives performance in values based organizations?

The basic model that we teach and use is that organizational leaders drive the values, values then drive the behaviors, the behaviors drive the culture, and the culture ultimately defines the performance.

Organizational leadership modelSuccessful Organizations are Predictable

If you look at the companies that have values based leadership, not only can you really predict what the behavior will be like when you interact with those organizations, but they also have strong leaders who live the values every day. These companies have also had some great performance numbers.

It is very rare that organizations hire people around the values. The People Ink model shows you how to do that. We truly believe “You are on the outside what you are on the inside”. It’s difficult to ask an employee to deliver a great customer experience when in fact their experience as an employee has not been so great.

Behavior Based Interviewing

When we interview someone at Southwest airlines we always ask, “give us an example of when you used your sense of humor in a tough customer situation”. As you can see, In the hiring process we have identified a value that we can tie to a candidates past behavior. Behavior based interviewing as it is called has a high degree on on the job predictive success . As a result you have a lot of people that are having fun every day.

Employee Participation

Another part of the model that we believe in is that we actually have people participate in making the company successful financially. This can involve giving people input into aspects of their job that affects performance outcomes which of course makes them feel part of the process.

This model applies to all sizes of organizations and levels of leaders. It applies as much to teachers as it does to CEOs. There is something in this model for everyone who wants to be part of building a values based organization.  Our book is available on Amazon or in your local book store.

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