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Organizational Culture Leadership

The Built-On-Values® organizational culture leadership system has evolved over twenty-five years. Our approach to building people centric cultures is based upon delivering results for our clients. These results include higher employee engagement, greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, and attracting and keeping top talent. Our clients span many industries from Healthcare, Technology, Retail, and Banking and have included notables such as Southwest Airlines, Doubletree Hotels, JetBlue Airways, and Loma Linda University Med. Center.  See our client list here.

Inspiring High Performance Business Cultures.

A culture already exists in your organization but is it the one you want? Can everyone describe it, and does it align with strategic goals? Most importantly, is it getting you the results you need? Find out the essential principles of creating a legendary and high performing company culture.

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Patient Centered Cultures

We’ve expanded our healthcare delivery capabilities! read more

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Our latest Video Blog is up featuring easy to watch weekly leadership and workplace culture videos on Youtube.

#1. Managing a Remote Workforce.

Newly released: Built on Values® Leader and Coach Certification program. Find out more here

The Peopleink team recently celebrated 20 years in business teaching and consulting organizations on workplace culture! See what our clients have to say.


We poured our best ideas about workplace culture into this website and combined it with useful tools to craft, manage, and elevate your culture using your own team rather than our consultants. read more

Our Simple yet Powerful System for Creating an Intentional Organizational Culture

The following Built on Values Culture model was developed using best practices and our experience with great companies over many years.

There are loads of theories on business culture. Our systematic process was created by practitioners, not scholars. These steps are common sense that when used consistently, will create the environment for your people to excel.

Built on Values Workplace Culture System

Articles From Our Blog

This year we are pleased to announce new partnerships with SM Covey and Wisdom Destinations, two well known knowledge and education resources online, who will be distributing the Built on Values Culture System globally.  To visit click here >  Sm Covey site , Press Play site

Leaders are the guardians and drivers of workplace culture. Through expectation and by example leaders influence teamwork, trust, communication, and so much more.  A culture assessment can shed light on leadership issues and opportunities.  Find out more

Build Leadership Commitment

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 culture assessment.

Hire “A” Players

Hiring “A” players, those great employees who live your values, is one of the most important building blocks of great cultures.

Are you hiring right?  Find out more

Create Accountability and Rewards

Accountability and rewards is a natural reinforcement for living the values and behaviors.  Employees do what they have incentive to do.  Find out more

Sustain Your Culture with Continuous Discipline

The principles for building a great culture are simple, but many leaders fail to execute them consistently. Sustaining your culture requires integrating the values into the very heartbeat of your organization on a daily basis.

Find out more

Build Your Customer Branding

Values have proven to be a strong branding opportunity for many companies, both for customers as well as recruiting talent.  Your people deliver on your brand promise…every day…with every customer/client.  Your people ARE your brand. Find out more

A Blueprint is like a map for getting to your culture’s ideal “future state”.  A well designed blueprint sets the stage for integrating values throughout your company. Find out more

Create A Values Blueprint

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Built on Values - Creating an enviable culture that outperforms the competition. By Ann Rhoades

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Built on Values Book

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A Welcome Message from Ann Rhoades

                     Praise from our clients

“I love working with People Ink. We have partnered together to create values-based cultures for three great organizations:  Hill Country Memorial Hospital, the University of North Texas Health Science Center, and now at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.  Your great team has influenced so many others who have changed the quality of lives for their people by creating values-based cultures in their organizations.”

Steve Sosland, Chief People Officer, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Over fifteen years ago, People Ink began the Built on Values® work here in Orlando at Hospital (now AdventHealth).  You set the foundation that I was able to build on in my role as the Chief People Officer! Still to this day, your team is our trusted partner of choice that has helped take us successfully through a major organizational restructuring initiative.”

Sheryl Dodds, Chief People Officer, AdventHealth Central Florida Division

“Today business is not about acting or maintaining a facade, it's all about working collaboratively with people while being true to oneself. While doing so, I've become an evangelist to Ann's philosophy on business.”

Kurt M. Weyerhauser, Managing Partner, Kensington Stone

“Congratulations on 20 years of PeopleInk! You are a creative rule breaker, absolutely committed to helping build healthy organizations peopled by healthy people.  I am grateful to have had our paths cross.  I continue to be inspired by your work, and the way in which you do it.”

Ruthita J Fike, PhD, Retired CEO, Loma Linda University Medical Center

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