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Culture Assess Pro™ (Readiness Assessment)

The Culture Assess Pro Readiness Assessment helps evaluate your current culture “As Is” state and identify gaps for improvement to a desired “Future State”. This cultural assessment is customized for each organization and is designed to provide feedback to the senior leadership team that will help position the organization for a successful implementation of a values-based and people-centric culture.

The assessment focuses on questions such as:

Values Blueprint®

The Values Blueprint is the foundation for establishing an organizational culture driven by its values.

The Values Blueprint is created through the cooperative effort of key stakeholders during a two-day Values Blueprint Work Session facilitated by People Ink. The final outcome is a set of 5-7 core values, defined, along with specific behaviors. The Blueprint working session is just one part of the full Blueprint Culture model which includes a values communication strategy and the integration of values into the day to day operations of your company. See an example of a Values Blueprint


You can experience greater hiring success and consistently hire the right people using PeoplePix.

PeoplePix™ is a values-based and behavior-based hiring system and is part of a complete system for building a high performing values driven workplace.

We Integrate proven hiring principles/practices like:

Companies implementing Peoplepix experience significant improvements in customer satisfaction scores, employee retention, and overall performance. PeoplePix™ Master Certification programs are also available.

Culture Rewards Pro™

Important for employee retention, Culture Rewards Pro™ provides organizations with solutions to assess, plan, and implement a creative total rewards package driven by core values identified in the Values Blueprint™.

Our expertise in all aspects of rewards and benefits design (including both traditional and non-traditional benefits) will ensure you create a rewards system to complement current people management practices.

Culture Performance Pro™

All employees and leaders should be held accountable for the Values and Behaviors just as they are for performance results. Including values and behaviors in your performance appraisal process will ensure you get the right results the right way.

Our consultants can help design a Values-based Performance Management process that best fits the needs of your organization.

Culture Track Pro™

Our Culture Track Pro™ Management Toolset provides organizations with solutions to assess, plan, and execute a performance management system with dashboard metrics and driven by your core company values.

Every employee in the company should know the key metrics that lead to your business success.  They need to understand how their performance supports the company’s overall performance.

Some of our solutions offerings: