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Ann Rhoades and the People Ink team have appeared in Time, Fortune, Money, Business Week, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and numerous trade publications including HR Executive and

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Organizational Culture Videos

How and why to incorporate core values into your company’s brand.

Communicating your values is an important step in building an effective workplace culture. Branding communicates your values to customers, the community, as well as current or prospective employees. In this video Ann Rhoades says “your culture IS your brand” because your people influence customer loyalty more than anything else.

How to consistently hire “A” players that match your company culture and workplace values.

Want to make the BIGGEST impact on your workplace and support a values based culture? Then focus on hiring and keeping the best people, your “A” players, and especially the best leaders.

In the News and Blogs

culture strategy

GrantThorton, Mar 2019,

High-performing companies align culture with strategy

“If you ask many company executives today, they’ll tell you they’re nailing corporate culture… but it turns out… they are failing to stir up the secret sauce.”

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The HR Director, Nov 2019

There May Be Turbulence

How leaders such as Herb Kelleher and Ann Rhoades use workplace culture to bolster company success. “… if you treat your employees right guess what? Your customers come back and that makes shareholders happy” ~Herb Kelleher.

Read at HR, Sept 2018

Build Your Culture By Design, Not By Accident

Interview topics featuring Ann Rhoades:

Culture Misunderstandings, The relationship between culture and company performance, Critical Steps in changing your culture.

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Podcasts and Appearances

Vistage Worldwide Jan 2020

Culture has to be part of your company’s DNA. Ann covers the Built on Values System with stories about culture in the workplace. 

Optimist TV

How do you find employees capable of change?

They say change is never easy. But for some people, it is. Former Executive VP of People at JetBlue, Ann Rhoades, explains how to find employees who are capable of adapting at the speed of business today.

The Built on Values System

  • Our 5 step model.
  • The role of leadership.
  • Using values in hiring, rewards, branding.


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