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Consciously design your workplace culture don’t just let it happen!

Your organizational culture should work for you. From hiring and retaining top talent to bottom line results, a great business culture has real benefits. For over twenty five years we’ve been helping companies build their cultures through customized solutions based upon the Built on Values Culture System. 

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We Are Organizational Culture Consultants

Culture Know-how

Built on Values is a complete culture management system

An agreed upon set of core values is a perfect way to orient people on the culture journey, yet values alone are meaningless unless they are lived and observable through behaviors.

The Values Blueprint begins the process of incorporating values into your operations. Once established, values form the basis for hiring, rewards and accountability, decision making, and customer branding.

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Experienced Business CONSULTANTS

Culture expertise focused on your goals

Peopleink consultants can meet you anywhere on your culture journey with a plan that is flexible around your goals. With extensive experience in many industries, we're familiar with the challenges of altering company behavior.

Using a proven process, we assist leaders in crafting a culture blueprint (roadmap) to guide the integration of values into your company's operations. Whether it's a culture assessment or programs that address specific areas such as hiring, performance, and culture metrics, Peopleink works  at your pace to develop a culture that excels.

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Recommended Reading

Create an enviable workforce culture

Most leaders know that a winning, engaged culture is the key to attracting top talent and customers. Yet, it remains elusive exactly how one creates this ideal workplace culture. Built on Values shows the exact steps for either curing an ailing organizational culture or creating a new one from scratch.

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"Built On Values is a practical guidebook for transforming an entire organization or just your little corner of the world into a place of caring and passion."

Culture Certification Course

Designed for coaches, leaders, and consultants.

"I am completely blown away by the intentionality behind the Built on Values® Culture Coach Certification development. Throughout the course, you feel as if Ann is right by your side, guiding you through every detail of effectively implementing the BOV Culture in any workplace..."

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Culture Tools Online

Build your culture like a pro

Our ONLINE culture building system is based upon proven principles you can use to:
- Assess your culture.
- Create your values blueprint.
- Hire for performance and culture.
- Instill core values into operations effectively.
- Save time and money doing it yourself.

"Lots of people talk about changing corporate culture. Ann Rhoades knows how to do it."

Organizational Culture videos

Watch an overview of the Built on Values system

Business Culture Overview

Background and Expertise

Culture Outcomes

Hire "A" Players

Watch more culture topics on our Youtube channel

Take the culture self assessment
  • Essential questions for your team.
  • Identify gaps for improvement.
  • Score how you’re doing.
Culture report - free download
  • When  is culture change appropriate?
  • The five step process of culture creation.
  • Critical Success factors in building culture.

Kind words from our clients

Workplace Culture Articles

workforce culture course online

Built on Values Culture Coach Certification Program

Peopleink is pleased to announce the launch of an online certificate program based on the popular Built on Values® Culture System. We have successfully used this systematic approach to creating a high performance values based culture in a variety of industries for over TWENTY years. The course is designed to help consultants, coaches,

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Getting Back to the Heart of Business

These new core values guide my company’s team. They drive our mission to make IT simple and keep us focused on our vision to ensure that everyone we interact with is better off than they were before and that they love (or, at least, don’t hate) technology.

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The Built on Values System

  • Our 5 step model.
  • The role of leadership.
  • Using values in hiring, rewards, branding.


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