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Creating Organizational Cultures based on values and performance

Our Values

Values are the heartbeat of an organization.

All organizations have values, whether you have defined them or not. And it starts with leaders - how they behave and make decisions.

Step one-define the values.

The first step in creating a values-centric culture is to define the values and then lead with the values. It is not enough to "have values." You must establish a systematic process for defining and managing by the values.

The Values Blueprint®

The basis for a values -centric culture is the Values Blueprint. It establishes minimum behavioral expectations for all employees at all levels. The Values Blueprint then provides the foundation for hiring, rewarding, recognizing and managing the performance of people.

We think it is important to share the People Ink Values Blueprint with you. It is an example of what we create for our clients. We want you to know about our values so that you will know what to expect from us and what we expect from each other.

Focus on the client, not the clock.

Generate and infuse passion for people.

Tenaciously lead the acceleration of performance.

Offer simple solutions to improve performance.

Make the complex simple.

Focus on what really matters.

Have the courage to fire ourselves.

Believe that soft skills have hard, bottom-line results.

Tell the truth, even when it's hard.

Use all the crayons in the box.

Build and sustain creative environments.

Take our jobs seriously but not ourselves.

Believe that if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

Create a fun work environment.