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Where to start? Take this Organization Culture Assessment Snapshot.

Afterwards go discuss culture with your team.

This mini questionnaire is a start. A full assessment would include more like employee focus groups, leadership interviews, and employee engagement/customer experience data.

- Be honest, self assessments can often hide blind spots.-

Why assess your business culture?

An assessment reveals key insights about your company’s:

How did you do?

If you answered yes to all ten questions, congratulations, we see bright things in your future! If not, you could be missing out on opportunities to:

Call us to discuss your unique needs or to schedule an assessment.

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Ten Questions Yes/No:

Does your organization have a set of identified Core Values?

Do those Core Values drive the decisions made by the organization at all levels?

Can every Employee within your organization state the Values by memory?

Has your organization assigned specific behaviors to the Values?

Are the Values integrated into the review process? (Are Living the Values part of employee performance evaluations?)

Does your organization hire for Values? (Are you willing to hire someone who may not have all of the trainable skills necessary but does exhibit all of the Values?)

Are the Values integrated into the hiring process?  (For example, do interview questions reflect the Values you are looking for in your candidates?)

Does your organization fire for Values? (Is your organization willing to fire a high performing Employee who does not live by the Values created?)

Does your organization provide rewards and recognition to employees based on Values?

Does your organization utilize the Values to communicate and set expectations for your customers and business partners?