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Creating Organizational Cultures based on values and performance


SOUND PHYSICIANS - Hospital Medicine the way it should be.

People Ink was engaged in 2008 by CEO Rob Bessler when they began their journey to a more values based culture.  On May 6 & 7 a cross functional group of 25 individuals attended the Values Blueprint session and developed a set of core Values. Those values, with some minor refinements, are in place and embraced by the organization 5 years later.   

Since that time, the core Values have provided a foundation for enhancing their culture and have supported Sound’s growth from 40 to 80 hospital partners. Key areas of importance and value add for the business are:  

1) Values have enhanced the organization’s ability to attract the right talent.     

2) Hospital partners prefer this focus on culture and values.  

An ongoing issue for the hospitalist model is that physicians feel disconnected and not part of the team in the hospital.

Once the desired Values and behaviors have been defined, the People Ink team provided tools and support to integrate the Values into all of the people processes:

Including hiring, rewards and recognition, performance management, and to their delivery of customer service and unique branding.

Values Based Hiring

When People Ink initially worked with Sound to develop their Values, there was also preliminary work done to help the organization develop a hiring model based on the Values. This process has been implemented for physician selection /hiring, and is continuing to be refined to meet the needs of the business.

Developing Their Leaders

Sound has incorporated the Values into their leadership development efforts and identifies hi-potential individuals based on their demonstrated behaviors around the Sound Values.

Rewards & Recognition

Physicians new to the Sound organization receive feedback at 120 days and are given feedback on how well they are living the Values. To further emphasize the importance of the Values, and to align with rewards, the hospitalist productivity bonus is impacted by performance against the Values (i.e. can be zero if not living Values). After completion of 1 year, hospitalist physicians are again evaluated for living the Values.   

Sound has incorporated the Values into their recognition programs on a quarterly and annual basis.  At the annual National Leadership Conference individuals are recognized for living the Values.   

Customer focus – Net Promoter Scores are part of the system utilized to ensure Values are aligned with the Brand.

Following is from the Sound Physician website……

Sound Physicians’ colleagues are committed to uphold the values of quality, service, teamwork, innovation and integrity. These values are central to the success of the practice and directly tied to the rewards of the practice – including performance bonuses, leadership opportunities, and advancement to partner. Throughout the organization, all colleagues – physicians, nurses, and non-clinical staff – are evaluated and rewarded based on our core values. Each colleague receives performance-based compensation, which is directly aligned with Sound Physicians’ core values.

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