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Creating Organizational Cultures based on values and performance

The performance boost.

In the complex and ever changing healthcare environment, your culture must enable the success of performance improvement initiatives. When a common set of values and behaviors guides how employees work together, how patient care is provided, and how decisions are made, all your performance improvement work will gain traction.


“The PeoplePix Values Alignment interview tool is an invaluable resource to our hiring leaders. Over the last 15 months, since the opening of our hospital, we have experienced a 99% inpatient engagement outcome as measured by the Gallup Organization. PeoplePix assists us to identify and select aligned, engaged, and positive employees who in turn have positively affected patient engagement.”

Jesse Mock, Vice President & Administrator

Loma Linda University  Heart & Surgical Hospital, Redlands, CA

“We opened a new hospital in which all of the employees were selected through the PeoplePix process. This new facility, now in its second year, has averaged the 99th percentile for patient satisfaction from the time it opened.This success owes much to the careful way in which those who serve there were selected. We are true believers in PeoplePix here“

Gerald Winslow, PhD Vice President for Mission and Culture, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, CA

Our People Ink Team Guides and Supports Your Work

How We Do It

Our Proven Built on Values System.

Identify Your Opportunities

Compare Your Culture to a High-Performance Culture

Does your organization have a culture enhancement plan, objectives, and dashboard?  Have you established the behaviors that demonstrate a commitment to each value, and those that do not? Can you fairly recognize outstanding use of values. Are you able to insist on accountability for inappropriate behaviors?  

Take a few minutes to participate in our Snapshot Culture Assessment or call us 505 - 822 - 7934 and we can discuss the capabilities of our more detailed Culture Readiness Assessment.

Our Team - Your Partner

We Deliver What We Promise, on Time and on Budget.

“Unwavering in their commitment to patient safety and his ambition to take great leaps forward.  He is effective in collaborating with diverse stakeholders to build vision, create alignment, and inspire action, while infusing humanism into healthcare operations”.

Gary Kaplan, CEO Virginia Mason Health System

“Of everything we are doing as an organization, this has the potential to make the most difference to change our culture and make us a better healthcare system.  It has been incredibly powerful for our organization.

Rob Allen, CEO, Sitka Community Hospital

Leaders are the guardians and drivers of workplace culture. Through expectation and by example leaders influence teamwork, trust, communication, and so much more.  A culture assessment can shed light on leadership issues and opportunities.


Build Leadership Commitment

Take our snapshot culture assessment.

More About leadership commitment and how People Ink can help

More details on the Values Blueprint Process and Taking the next step.

More on hiring and how we can help.


Hire “A” Players

Hiring “A” players, those great employees who live your values, is one of the most important building blocks of great cultures.

Are you hiring right?


Create Accountability and Rewards

Accountability and rewards is a natural reinforcement for living the values and behaviors.  Employees do what they have incentive to do.

More about Accountability and Rewards and services we offer.


Sustain Your Culture with Continuous Discipline

The principles for building a great culture are simple, but many leaders fail to execute them consistently. Sustaining your culture requires integrating the values into the very heartbeat of your organization on a daily basis.

More about Continuous Discipline to support your culture.


Build Your Customer Branding

Values have proven to be a strong branding opportunity for many companies, both for customers/patients as well as recruiting talent.  Your people deliver on your brand promise…every day…with every patient/customer/client.  Your people ARE your brand.

More about Customer Branding

A Blueprint is like a map for getting to your culture’s ideal “future state”.  A well designed blueprint sets the stage for integrating values throughout your company.


Create A Values Blueprint

At People Ink, we are committed to making an impact on quality and safety in today’s healthcare environment through culture transformation.  Our goal is not just to create cultures of safety, but, by defining core values, to also drive improved overall performance.

People Ink has facilitated the implementation of Built on Values® cultures in over 25 healthcare organizations since 2005. Healthcare clients we have served include:  large regional healthcare systems, acute care hospitals, children’s hospitals, teaching hospitals, senior care centers, home healthcare and hospice, blood donation centers, and physician practices.  View our healthcare clients here.

People Ink team members have served over 20 years in a variety of leadership roles such as hospital executive teams and boards, as board chairs, and/or as committee leaders for Strategic Planning, Safety, and Quality.  We have served as advisors and advocates to improve patient safety research and practice.  Our team has played an important role in the creation, validation, adoption, and annual update of the National Quality Forum-Endorsed® Safe Practices and the Leapfrog Group’s Safe Practice Leap.  Learn more about individual team members by clicking here.

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 Healthcare Cultures

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