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Where to start? We recommend evaluating your “Current (As-Is) State” which includes a review of culture indicators and interview feedback. Once completed we can help identify gaps to your desired “Future State”.

Let’s Do This!

We help leaders establish and communicate their commitment to create a high performing culture.

What we do.

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Leadership commitment is the single most important success factor in establishing and sustaining a high performance culture. Leaders must position the organization for change, exemplify company values, and demonstrate their support and commitment.

Build Leadership Commitment

Real Accountability.

All employees and leaders should be held accountable for the Values and Behaviors just as they are for performance results.  We call that “getting the right results the right way.”

We will help you design a values-based performance management process that holds people accountable for living your Values and Behaviors every day. We provide the following support:

In addition to hiring “A” players you must continually exceed the expectations of your people and re-recruit them every day to achieve true employee engagement.  With expertise in all aspects of rewards and benefits design (including both traditional and non-traditional benefits) we will help you design a values-based total rewards program to reinforce your Values Blueprint®.

Create Accountability and Rewards

We provide the following Employee Rewards expertise:

Herb Kelleher, founding CEO of Southwest Airlines said,

   “We are on the outside what we are on the inside.”

In other words, your customers’ experience with your company depends on the experience of your employees.

Our consultants will help you develop a comprehensive branding strategy that centers on Values for the customer brand promise and for talent acquisition and development.

Your people are your brand and must deliver on your brand promise every day, with every customer contact. Maintaining a workplace culture that inspires trust both internally and outwardly to customers wins customer loyalty and increases bottom-line results.  

High performing organizations show consistently high scores for both customer/patient experience and employee engagement.  

Build Your Customer Brand

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People Ink can support your continuous improvement work in a number of areas.

Creating a high-performance organizational culture will have an immediate performance impact.  While the system for creating a Built on Values® culture is simple, it is not easy.  Doing the right things well, every time, requires discipline and integration of your values into the DNA of your organization.

Continuous Discipline (improvement)

What we do.

We help you establish a systematic process for hiring “A” Players.

One of the most important things you can do to create and sustain a values-based high-performance culture is to recruit and hire ”A” players that mirror your values.  Companies implementing PeoplePix® experience significant improvements in customer satisfaction scores, employee retention, and overall performance.

Hire A Players

Our hiring process, PeoplePix® is based on proven best practices:  

1) Behavioral Interviewing.

2) Peer Interviewing.

3) Interviewing for Values.

The Values Blueprint is created through a collaborative effort of key stakeholders during a 1 and 1/2 day work session facilitated by People Ink.  

These sessions are highly interactive, support the value of teamwork, and result in the following deliverables:

The Values Blueprint is the foundation for establishing your high-performance Culture.  Many organizations we work with have values and value statements, but rarely do we see values that are clearly defined and include a set of behavioral expectations that demonstrate the values commitment.

Create A Values Blueprint

It’s game changing!

Welcome to the People Ink System for building organizational culture.

We’re delighted to share this simple yet effective process with you. Give us a call to hear ways we can help.

The People Ink

 Built on Values Culture System

For Companies, Schools, Healthcare Workplaces,

Government and Non-Profits, and Teams of all sizes.