Define Your Corporate Culture-Start With a Values Blueprint — 2 Comments

    • Greetings Raf: Welcome.
      In general , our belief about how things in an organization are done are based upon the behaviors of people within the company. Our values are what we say are important to us, yet there can be a big disconnect between what we proclaim our values to be and our actions and the actions of company management. For example, if our boss declares that he values open/honest communication yet does not demonstrate that, then people see from his actions what he values which creates a belief about the future. Yes, beliefs become expectations about the future and they are based upon behavior.
      Our organizational leadership model says that leaders first define the values they wish to live be and then followup those values with behaviors to be followed by themselves and throughout the organization. If values are not lived they are empty words. Zappos (a unique US retailer) for example defined the values they want to live by, and followed up by commiting to lead by those values and not just hang them on the wall. Their culture is intentional and not accidental. We go to Zappos and expect great customer service, that is our belief. The values that Zappos has defined has become a key strategic tool for their company and is now the belief from customers and employees about the future.

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