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Built on Values Culture Coach Certification Program

built on values culture system

Peopleink is pleased to announce the launch of an online certificate program based on the popular Built on Values® Culture System. We have successfully used this systematic approach to creating a high performance values based culture in a variety of industries for over TWENTY years. The course is designed to help consultants, coaches, and business leaders take the reigns of culture management and implement it in their organizations or with clients.


Videos featuring Ann Rhoades, downloadable PowerPoint presentations, checklists, quizzes and sample communication templates prepare you to pass the final exam and receive certification.  From there you’ll be ready to start putting theories into action. Here is a sample of one module from the course.

The final version of the course is now live and available from our partner Wisdom Destinations here. Be on the lookout for a 20% early user discount.


culture certifcation course example


The seven course modules cover things like:

  1. Talking and presenting to leaders about the benefits and ROI of building an intentional organizational culture.
  2. How to build leadership commitment and lead discussions of “why” culture change.
  3. How to facilitate the creation of a custom Values Blueprint® for a company.
  4. Key aspects of values based hiring and the three proven best practices you should include for results.
  5. Designing a rewards and recognition program to reinforce the organization’s values.
  6. How to facilitate a values-based brand strategy to support the best customer and employee experience.
  7. How to ensure the organization sustains its culture going forwards.


Check out the course here


Additional Workplace Culture Tools

Peopleink has another online culture tool at which can help further your culture building efforts with additional features such as.

A Values Blueprint Wizard to help your team craft that ideal values blueprint. It includes a list of meaningful values along with well-crafted libraries of definitions and behaviors for your values.
The Peoplepix training for interviewers trains employees on the basics of values-based hiring as well as demonstrates the skills needed to assess great potential hires.
The Peoplepix interview guide wizard to support hiring “A” players in your company and includes pre-validated positions to add consistency and take the guess work out of selecting the best candidates for positions.

To find out more about our online business culture tools and consultant offerings, or to schedule a free consultation contact us here.

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