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Quick tips to making things better at work

Involve Your Team

How to make things better at work? A very broad question that often begins with finding out what’s wrong first. Often workplace culture journeys begin by conducting a culture assessment which gets into the details of your culture such as whether employees can even identify company values or not.

The simplest route is why not ask your team?

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Get them involved, get them focused on ways the team can be better. This could involve anything; however it’s important that the discussion be about common goals. Therefore the assumed question is “how can we work well together towards a common goal”?

In the end workplace team improvements usually come down to two areas. First, issues around delivering the customer experience and second, issues around the team experience, both of these influence business results. It’s unreasonable to focus only on one without the other. You can’t just say, oh let’s have a happy team. The team needs to be focused on a goal.

To Get the discussion going.
Ask your team. What will make our team experience better?
Ask your team. What will it take to make the customer experience better?
Get the team focused on a common goal. Examples of common goals could be.

  • Being known as a great place to work.
  • Achieving high customer satisfaction scores.
  • Reducing costs and waste without sacrificing services.

If you really want to make an impression, begin implementing some of the team discussions so people know their views are being heard and addressed.

Every workplace culture is different, but having a team with similar values makes achievement of goals a lot easier. You can actually hire people with desired values if you know how. This is why we recommend the PeoplePix hiring tool which helps you hire people that match  your company values. You do have a company Values Blueprint established right? The Blueprint let’s everyone know the Values and the minimum set of behaviors that are expected from everyone in real terms everyone can understand and be held accountable for.

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