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Zappos Culture is Their Brand

By Gayle Watson

Zappos is a great example of “Off the Wall Leadership.”  There has been a lot of buzz recently about Zappos.  In March 2009 Fast Company named Zappos number 20 in its top 50 most innovative companies.  Not only is Zappos innovative, but it has an impressive performance track record.  In less than ten years CEO Tony Hsieh has grown Zappos into a billion-dollar-a-year retailer.  Zappos’ success has created such a popular demand, that it offers tours of its headquarters every two hours.  So what is the secret to their successful brand?

Hsieh says that Zappos made an early decision to base its brand on its culture.  In a blog post January 3, 2009, Your Culture is Your Brand, he wrote:  “At the end of the day, just remember that if you get the culture right, most of the other stuff — including building a great brand — will fall into place on its own.”

Of course, building and maintaining the culture you want may be easier said than done.  If it were easy, more companies would be doing it successfully.  It takes a focus on core values, leadership, and a commitment to institutionalizing the desired behaviors.  In his blog, Hsieh describes some of the specific things that Zappos has done to ensure its culture is sustained over the long-term.  He says it starts with the hiring process – hiring people who fit the culture.  After hiring, the next step to building the culture is training.  All new employees receive four weeks training.  Employees who do not fit the culture are encouraged to quit.   Any employee who quits before the end of their first four weeks receives $2,000 in addition to their earned wages.

And here is the important part.  Zappos defined its culture in terms of ten core values.  Hsieh says the commitment to values is more than a plaque on the wall – you have to be “willing to hire and fire” based on the values.  Congratulations, Tony Hsieh, for living your corporate values and exemplifying “Off the Wall Leadership!”


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