The Value of a Chief Culture Officer in Your Company — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for your article.
    Culture is a fundamental component of every company. Positive, average or negative it is always there. To find out about “culture” and what is being said about it, get into a co-workers’ room right after the boss walked out and listen. This is “the culture” that has been created within this particular company and “this culture” (average, positive or negative) will be transported to prospects, suppliers and customers. Co-workers are the first brand-ambassadors any company will ever have! Treat them accordingly. CEOs should first create a positive, engaging and.communicative culture: this could be a solid foundation for enterprise longevity, survival and success..

    • Good comment Bruno. Listening to what is said after the boss leaves reminds me of phone conference calls where you have the call after the call to discuss things internally. We use generic words like culture which are quite broad and loosely defined but it comes down to behaviors that people perform whether they are being watched or not. Co-workers are brand-ambassadors indeed.

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