Values-Based Culture The New Hot Topic in Business Management? — 3 Comments

  1. As always, “Cultures” are what people do and how they behave, not posters and infrequent discussions or some hard to understand concepts.
    In my experience, it is a lot easier to establish Value based culture in start-up companies than established organizations. Having said that, there are methods to introduce and institutionalize “Value” based culture. As a consultant, I have helped create such culture.
    I think the reason the topic is now HOT because all employers and employees are struggling to create a better bond and lasting relationship in today’s turbulent times. So finding a theme that is easy to understand and live with is critical for mutual success.

    • Thanks for your comments Dave. Totally agree, building a culture in a start up is much easier. It’s funny how a topic will suddenly take hold and become popular because it’s getting more press. If you’ve helped create a great culture for an existing company you know it’s not as easy as posters and rah rah phrases. many companies don’t get that yet. As Ann Rhoades says, you can’t force culture you can only create the environment. Perhaps as the voice of consumers grow through mediums such as social media channels it becomes clear that companies cannot hide bad service any more and reputation can no longer be controlled by the marketing department.

  2. This only really works when the values are truly the foundation of the business. Walmart’s employment brand is one of exploitation and discrimination. It’s great that they recognize the need to make a change. But the truth is that intentionally or unintentionally, Walmart already has a culture, one that leaders have been rewarded for and employees have been condition into. In a smaller company, making that transition might be not be too difficult. One of the biggest multi-national corporations in the world? I have little confidence that the new “values based” approach will be more than a PR campaign.

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