The above video gives you a taste of the culture Community Coffee Company is building and we think they are doing a great job.

Gayle Watson By Gayle Watson, People Ink.

I recently had the opportunity to look back at the progress made by one of our clients, Community Coffee Company. They began their culture transformation in 2012 with the help of People Ink. At that time, Community Coffee Company reviewed their core Values and developed a Values Blueprint® by defining the Values and Behaviors for all employees going forward.CommunityCoffeeLogo

With their new Values Blueprint in hand, their team integrated the Values into all of their human operating systems. One area that is having a significant impact is how they recruit, interview, and make hiring decisions based on Values. Danny Hebert, VP of Human Resources, says their turnover has declined steadily over the past three years. He attributes that to the focus on Values in recruiting and hiring.

Steve Frantz, VP of Sales, also believes the Values have made a difference in attracting and hiring the right people who fit the company’s culture. “I’ve noticed that our values are very much front and center with people who are coming and talking to us. They visit our website. They get an idea of what we’re about. We get a lot questions from people coming in about our Values. And we can tell that our values are attracting people.”

Shauntel Deshautelles, Senior Recruiting Manager, was instrumental in the production of new recruiting videos featuring Values which are posted on the Community Coffee Job Center.  She says the employees featured in the videos spontaneously talked about the power of Community Coffee Company’s Values and culture. She believes the videos have contributed to a greater number of qualified applicants seeking opportunities at the company.

Community Coffee Company has been dedicated for over 95 years and four generations of family ownership to source and roast the best-tasting coffee in the world. You can learn more about them at their website:

You can view the company’s values here.



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  1. I have been a coffee drinker for some 55 years. Community coffee is the best coffee i have ever had. it makes the best ice coffee

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