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A Customer Service Culture-Congratulations to JetBlue Airways Award

Congratulations jet Blue on another customer service award.

Below is a June 13th letter from David Barger of JetBlue Airways informing crew members of the eighth consecutive J.D. Powers award for highest customer satisfaction.

JetBlue continues to astound.

If your looking for an example of how organizational culture can drive performance & customer satisfaction, look at JetBlue Airways.

A note from Ann Rhoades who is on the board of JetBlue and President of People Ink, Inc.

”this is a real tribute to the leaders and all crew-members at JetBlue Airways. To win 8 consecutive times is a first and an outstanding tribute to all 14,000 crew-members!!!!! This is so cool!!!!!!”


Dear Crewmembers –

I’m humbled and honored to be writing to you with the news that we’ve earned our eighth consecutive J.D. Power and Associates honor for highest Customer satisfaction*! I’m not a superstitious person, but I just returned yesterday from IATA in China, where 8 is a famously lucky number – and I guess that’s the case for us today.

This year’s survey reveals there’s a lot more to this year’s results than pure luck. While the airline industry scored two points lower this year compared to last year, JetBlue’s total score actually rose three points, and was the highest score of any airline in either category. These results are a true validation of your efforts to bring humanity back to air travel by providing the best service and delivering the best product in the industry. Quite simply: our brand is strong and the traveling public is recognizing us for it.

Customers told J.D. Power they see us as a value leader. They rate our inflight services, such as our televisions, legroom, and food offerings head and shoulders above the competition. While their perception of fares and fees paid at Southwest are rated higher than fares and fees paid at JetBlue, the fact that we continue to stay on top overall tells us that people are finding more value from the total JetBlue Experience than from what the other guys are offering.

While eight is great – really great, actually – other airlines are nipping at our heels. Southwest improved its score this year by one point and ended up only six points behind us. This is a good reminder that we have to earn our Customers’ loyalty one flight at a time. The busy summer season is here, and with it, strong demand for JetBlue flights. We will serve all kinds of Customers – those who travel once a year on vacation, to those who travel more frequently to visit friends and relatives, to those who choose us for their business travel.  We have a chance to earn their loyalty by serving them with humanity, respect and courtesy.

To celebrate this eighth win, two roundtrip Super Passes will be deposited into each eligible Crewmember’s myIDTravel account this afternoon. In addition, starting in July, we’ll raffle one JetBlue Getaways package each week for eight weeks – so stay tuned to HelloJetBlue for details and your chance to enter to win.

A simple thank you doesn’t seem enough; please know you have my utmost appreciation for your contributions to our company’s success and to this unprecedented eighth straight win. Congratulations!

Warmest regards,


*JetBlue has been awarded the highest honors in airline customer satisfaction among low-cost carriers by J.D. Power and Associates every year from 2006 to 2011. We also ranked highest in customer satisfaction among all U.S. major airlines in 2005, when low-cost and traditional network carriers were combined in a single category, making this year’s achievement our eighth consecutive J.D. Power and Associates award. Read our press release here.


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  • This year’s survey highlighted that the use of mobile devices to check in for a flight has more than doubled over the last year, and overall satisfaction with the check-in process is highest when passengers check in using a mobile device. To provide customers a simplified and personalized experience, earlier this year JetBlue revealed a refreshed look and feel to its and sites and introduced a new iPhone application. The digitally-minded airline’s new iPhone mobile application provides real time, on-the-go ease for booking, check- in, flight status, and more.

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