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Quick tips to making things better at work

Involve Your Team How to make things better at work? A very broad question that often begins with finding out what’s wrong first. Often workplace culture journeys begin by conducting a culture assessment which gets

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Corporate Culture

Is a Values-Based Culture Worth the Effort?

A high-performing culture doesn’t just happen. It can’t be forced into being through willpower. But a values-based culture can become an inevitability if you create the right environment to foster it. We have found that

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Corporate Culture

How to Create a Customer-Centered Corporate Culture

By Micah Solomon, a customer service speaker, customer service consultant, author and entrepreneur.   His latest book is  High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service.  A strong, customer-centered corporate culture is a business advantage that will serve you for

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Corporate Culture

Yahoo – Telecommuting Culture Gone Wrong?

What’s really wrong at Yahoo?   By Ann Rhoades Recently Yahoo announced that it was canceling employee work from home arrangements for all employees. The resulting criticism has been varied but certainly loudest from employees.

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Organizational Culture

The Value of a Chief Culture Officer in Your Company

By Kyle Lagunas, guest writer. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)/Globoforce Winter 2012 employee recognition survey reported that 90% of the 770 HR leaders surveyed identified culture management as an important or very important challenge for

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